Bruce Goren Avatar
Bruce Goren

got a stress test today, along with a carotid exam. Aside from the fact that I got all of the right answers, I found Dr. Waldman To be personable, professional, attentive and interested. - 8/18/2020

Michael Bacon Avatar
Michael Bacon

Dr. Waldman is bright, caring, and knowledgeable. He very much cares about his patients. My wife and I feel blessed to have Dr. Waldman in our corner. His secretary/assistant, Stephanie, is fantastic. A very well run office and practice. - 9/22/2020

Alison Chozen Avatar
Alison Chozen

Lucy is fantastic—such a great nurse, but also a spectacular person! I always enjoy seeing her and catching up when I come in. And, I feel the medical care I receive from Dr.Waldman and his staff is excellent. - 9/17/2020

Meredith Trailor Avatar
Meredith Trailor

I have never had a better medical office experience. As a new client referred by an ER, I was fit in for an initial appointment the same day I called, and for a recommended physical test the very next day. Stephanie is helpful and professional, and Dr. Waldman was extremely knowledgeable and understanding. I would recommend this office to anyone! - 8/25/2020

Becky Nowalski Avatar
Becky Nowalski

Dr. Walkman always returns my calls, in the office spends time with me to hear my issues and provides me with the support I need. I trust his knowledge and rely on his diagnosis. Very professional and caring. During the pandemic I have helped many families dealing with loss. Dr. Waldman is genuinely interested in my health. I feel at ease having him be my primary physician. - 3/09/2021

Paul Engelberg Avatar
Paul Engelberg

It only took one visit for me to realize that Dr. Waldman cares about his patients. He stayed in the room while I was having tests run by his nurse and tried to keep me at ease the entire time. I would highly recommend him to anyone. - 2/18/2021

Adam Kaplan Avatar
Adam Kaplan

My temperature was taken when I arrived and within minutes of being escorted to a room, a nurse came in to draw blood, take X-rays & blood pressure, administer flu shot & EKG... only complaint would be that I waited a while for the doctor but given the circumstances with COVID and so forth I thought Dr Waldman's team did a great job! Looking forward to an easy next appointment when that happens. - 10/05/2020

Paul Engelberg Avatar
Paul Engelberg

I was a patient of Dr. Waldman's over the past few years. He spends way more time with his patients than any other doctor I have been to in LA. His staff went above and beyond as well to schedule me a scan before heading out of the country, just to make sure I didn't have any complications during my flight. I highly recommend him and his staff. - 6/07/2024

Norman Borenstein Avatar
Norman Borenstein

Enough time/good rapport/good plan/ good understanding of Medicare - 8/24/2020

Oleg Gleizer Avatar
Oleg Gleizer

Dr. Waldman is very knowledgeable and a very nice person. He really cares about his patients. Highly recommend. - 9/18/2020

valerie Belsky Avatar
valerie Belsky

I love Dr. Waldman. He is SMART, cautious when necessary, and is so caring of his patients. He really listens, unlike most doctors. He has been my doctor for 15 years. Anyone would be lucky to have him. - 2/18/2021

Susan Bacon Avatar
Susan Bacon

Dr. Waldman is fantastic! He is very thorough, he listens well, and he is very caring. - 2/17/2021

Suzanne Macht Avatar
Suzanne Macht

We had our first visit today with Dr. Waldman and he lived up to his reputation as an excellent listener and a clear diagnostician. My husband and I were impressed with his humor, his patience - hearing us out as we caught him up with our medical history - his immediate understanding of what issues may lie ahead and his very steady and easy-going advice. He's quite a lovely man. - 2/25/2020

Brigette Goulet Avatar
Brigette Goulet

Dr. Waldman is fantastic. He is very thorough, knowledgeable and funny. He spends a lot of time listening and addressing every one of my health concerns. His staff, Stefanie is welcoming and friendly. Everyone has a difficult time getting blood from me but Dr. Waldman's team always manages to get it on the 1st try. - 10/03/2020

Phili Bu Avatar
Phili Bu

Fantastic staff; same day service; no waiting; Dr. Waldman was very attentive, as usual. One always has the feeling that Dr. Waldman is always giving you his undivided attention, which is a great feeling as a patient. - 10/13/2020